Wireless accessories

The world is more connected than ever before. Siemens wireless hearing aid solutions enable you to stream audio directly from your mobile phone, TV or music player, and offer remote control functionality so you can choose what to listen to.

touchControl App

touchControl AppThe touchControl App turns your smartphone into a discreet control for your hearing instrument settings.


easyTekeasyTek™ connects your hearing instruments to many different Bluetooth-enabled devices.

easyTek App

easyTek AppThe easyTek App lets you control the easyTek via your smartphone – for added convenience, discretion and functionality.


easyPocketeasyPocket™ is a sleek, easy-to-use remote control for convenient hearing aid adjustments.


miniTekminiTek™ syncs your high-tech gadgets with your hearing aids.

miniTek Remote App

miniTek Remote AppminiTek Remote App transforms Android smartphones into a miniTek™ remote control.