Behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids

Behind-The-Ear (BTE) hearing aids are used for all types of hearing losses from mild to profound. They come in a variety of styles from Miniature-BTEs to the larger SuperPower instruments. Many BTE hearing aids offer multiple directional microphone systems for improved understanding of speech in noisy situations.

Siemens Life

Siemens LifeSiemens Life is discreet enough to hide and stylish enough to win admiring glances.


AquarisAquaris™ is the most robustly rated (IP 68), truly waterproof hearing instrument so you can enjoy life without limits.


MotionMotion™ comes in a sleek design, is fully featured and easy to manage – for easy binaural listening.


NitroNitro™ offers maximum amplification and wireless connectivity – the perfect combination of super power and comfort.

Orion 2

Orion 2Orion™ 2 is just like a great partner: Full of proven features, it suits your hearing needs and sound preferences, and is always there for you.

Sirion 2

Sirion 2Sirion™ 2 is packed with proven features that provide you with a comfortable listening experience and easy, discreet handling.

Intuis 2

Intuis 2Intuis 2 is the simple solution for a reliable, clear, and comfortable listening experience.


LotusLotus™ a powerful, robust and affordable solution