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Share what the tech community says about primax with your patients!

Signia: Share what the tech community says about primax with your patients!

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Siemens Logo
SlashGear (4.1 million visitors per month) calls Signia primax, “One of the most advanced wearable devices.”

“I’ve always been fascinated with the tiny, almost invisible-wireless ear piece seen worn by CIA-spy agents in the movies and have wondered why hearing aids can’t be that small? Spoiler alert, well they can get that small and I’ve got one!” –

“My work requires attending cocktail events and dinner in noisy restaurants or worse, noisy and windy environments. I found that after wearing both primax Insio and Pure in these environments that they really do make conversations more enjoyable.” –

“I covered a Porsche drive program recently…even with the top down at speeds well over 65mph, I didn’t have any issues with wind noise while still able to clearly hear my drive partner.” –

“EchoShield does its job and does it well.” –

Gear Diary

“Signia Has Made Hearing Aids Sexy; No, Really!” – Judie Stanford of Gear Diary

“primax technology uses something they call SpeechMaster, which gives the user better than normal hearing ability when they need it the most…it works automatically, and as your environment changes, it locates and highlights the target speech while suppressing competing noises. – Judie Stanford of Gear Diary

“There are so many things that you can do with the Signia Pure primax hearing aids and their accessories, that wearing them doesn’t feel so much like a chore, but more as a nearly invisible bionic enhancement.” – Judie Stanford of Gear Diary

Signia’s SpeechMaster has a feature called eWindscreen Binaural…when wearing the hearing aids in a windy place, you’ll hear the wind rushing by you for a moment or two, and then — like magic — the sound will automatically reduce.” – Judie Stanford of Gear Diary

New Atlas (5 million visitors/month)

New Atlas calls Signia Pure primax hearing aid the “audio radar” that zeroes in on what you want to hear.”

“I personally feel more relaxed and centered by having a heightened awareness of my environment. When my audio environment is profoundly acute to me at all times, with no effort required to pick even subtle details up, my muscles relax and I speak more softly.” – New Atlas

“While wearing the hearing aids with the automatic setting turned on, everything I wanted to hear sounded just as enhanced as I’d want it be, with no background noise getting in the way.” – New Atlas

“Based on my experience, Signia’s promise of the SpeechMaster feature “acting like a conductor” of your audio environment appears to hold weight.” – New Atlas

“…I can say that the product appears to do exactly what it’s advertised as doing.” – New Atlas

Trusted Nerd

“Before using the Signia primax, I didn’t know how much of the conversation I was missing.” – Trusted Nerd

“In loud environments such as receptions, I can easily use my easyTek device or the easyTek App to quickly configure the Signia primax Pure so it’s not picking up all the background noise of people chatting.” – Trusted Nerd

The Signia primax Pure has the ability to stream HD Music, which is such a major plus.” – Trusted Nerd

“So much happens around us every single day and we miss so much of our conversations. With the Signia Primax Pure, that’s now solved.” – Trusted Nerd

“Now when it came to the plane ride to Vegas, I was in pure joy. You see, the Signia Primax Pure can stream the highest quality HD sounding music I have ever heard!” -Trusted Nerd

Tech 50+ (2.1 million visitors/month)

Tech 50+ called Signia primax, “Not Your Father’s Hearing Aid.” –

“[Signia primax] paired easily with its optional Bluetooth transmitter hooked to my television, so now I can enjoy TV without disturbing my wife. It allows me to answer calls with a touch of the button on the easyTek pendant.” – Tech 50+

“By adjusting the spatial configuration, I found I could easily hear my conversation partner in a crowded restaurant. But the most fun came in watching several live performances, including a couple of Broadway musicals.” – Tech 50+

“I’m still not happy that my hearing is slowly declining. But at least now I know there’s a hi-tech solution that will prevent the social and musical isolation, not to mention frustration that comes with hearing loss.” – Tech 50+

International Expert Panel to Address Family-centered Audiological Care

During the month of October, Phonak invited a select group of hearing healthcare experts to provide evidence-based recommendations to hearing care providers on how to better engage family members.

Hearing health impacts everyone involved in the life of someone challenged with hearing issues, especially family and loved ones. However, we know from research that a low percentage of significant others are actually involved in the hearing healthcare process. We also know that hearing outcomes are far better when families are involved, positively impacting overall patient satisfaction.
Professor Louise Hickson, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia


International Expert Panel to Address Family-centered Audiological Care


Coming together with a common goal and objective of increasing awareness and clinical practice surrounding family involvement in the hearing loss journey, this initiative aims to provide scientifically based evidence supporting the importance of family involvement throughout the entire process.

This initiative is based on scientific evidence showing that involving the family results in increased uptake of hearing healthcare and better outcomes.
Ora Buerkli-Halevy, Vice President, Global Audiology, Phonak AG